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Whether you’re making substantial changes to your existing website or rebuilding your site to preserve your Google rankings, authority, trustworthiness and credibility, a professional site migration is vital. Our website migration service focuses on ensuring a website migration doesn’t significantly affect search engine visibility.

A website migration refers to activities involving substantial changes to a website which can directly affect search engine visibility. Activities may include moving from HTTP to HTTPS, merging websites, rebuilding a website or changing location, platform, structure, content or design.

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Our team of expert search engine optimisation consultants conduct pre-launch checks and post-launch checks as well as thorough testing as part of our website migration service to ensure migrations don’t result in loss of traffic and revenue.

Website migrations are challenging tasks that should not be handled by novice marketers. When you’re making alterations to ranking pages there is always the chance of losing visibility for the keywords that drive your website traffic. There is also no guarantee rankings will recover entirely after a migration. However, by using SEO professionals with vast expertise and experience in website migrations, there can be little to no negative impact on a website’s ranking ability.

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At Reflect Digital we work closely with our clients to understand the requirements and expectations of a website migration. We’ll also ascertain your business goals and objectives to advise on migration activities which will help to achieve these.

We will also advise from the very start of the process about what content is the most crucial for your website and what you can do to ensure traffic levels are maintained or even increased.

We adopt an honest and visible approach throughout all stages of a migration to ensure we manage your expectations and you’re happy with the projected timescale and results.

Our site migration service is results-driven focusing on advancing the organic online presence of companies based in Kent, London and the whole of the UK. Our website migration service is tailored to your website and business goals. Our robust pre and post-launch checks help ensure a smooth transition, minimise risks and enhance your new website/s visibility in search engines.

Reflect Digital aims to provide results that have a tangible impact on your business and want you to realise a return on the investment.

We are based in Maidstone, Kent and offer website migration services to companies in London and all across the UK.

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We will begin by working out the scope of the project to influence planning and set and manage your expectations. For example, a website moving from HTTP to HTTPS compared to a complete website rebuild addresses different objectives and investment of time and resources.

We will establish the best method for a smooth migration based on forecasting scenarios which take into consideration potential risks and growth opportunities. To manage your expectations and ensure you’re happy with the proposed website migration, we will agree set targets, project and scope of the migration.

After setting the scope, we will begin planning the website migration. This will involve identifying necessary tasks to be allocated to appropriate teams, e.g. SEO department, development department and expected completion date. Planning will also enable us to anticipate a launch date.

Pre-launch checks are to be completed whilst the new website is still in development. Pre-launch checks ensure the website is in the best possible condition prior to launch. There are a number of elements to our pre-launch checks, such as ensuring page wireframes or prototypes match those of the designs and function effectively to support SEO, preparing technical SEO requirements including mapping redirects, ensuring unique meta titles, descriptions and H1 tags are on each page, setting up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and completing on-page activities such as internal linking and content migration.

Post-launch checks will be completed once the new site has gone live. This will focus on triple-checking the state of the website immediately after launch to ensure everything has been implemented correctly. This also includes checking device styling and making search engines aware of your new site as soon as possible.

We are based in Maidstone, Kent and offer SEO-led website migration services to companies in London, Kent and across the UK looking to improve their organic search visibility and user experience.
We use market leading software to help deliver maximum search engine visibility during the site migration process.

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We're a digital marketing agency with a team of friendly and fun SEO experts, based in our Kent office, who are passionate about what they do. Want to know more about the SEO managers you could be working with? Meet our Kent technical SEO team below.



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We also provide an in-depth website migrations training course if you would like to know more about what goes into a successful migration. Other courses include content writing for the web, PR and link building, fundamental and advanced SEO, how to conduct an SEO audit and develop an effective SEO strategy for your business.

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