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Managing a Site Migration

SEO needs to be considered at every step of a website migration.  Whether you’re changing your website over to be fully secure (HTTP to HTTPS), are rebuilding or re-skinning the site, you are merging multiple sites into one, or simply changing your domain, there are considerations at every step.  This course is designed to run through the process involved in successfully building, moving or significantly changing a website. 

There is a certain amount of risk that goes into any major change on a website, especially a fundamental change to the domain or structure.  Keyword rankings can easily be lost if a site migration is not handled correctly.  This course gives you practical advice on creating and implementing a migration plan that will keep your SEO efforts intact. 



Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has the responsibility for ensuring keyword rankings and SEO traffic is preserved during a new website build, domain name change, or implementing HTTPS, including website developers, IT managers and marketing executives. 

Website migrations are inherently technical.  With the practical examples and step-by-step explanations employed by our course trainers however, even those who do not have significant development experience will be armed with understandable steps to take need to be taken.  

How will it help me?

This training course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the steps and intricacies involved in managing a website migration, by the end of it you will have:

  • A thorough understanding of the steps involved in managing a site migration
  • Methods of benchmarking visit data and interactions
  • Knowledge of how to identify and rectify issues that may arise during the site migration process

Through it you will gain an understanding of the steps involved in project managing a site migration, the on-site considerations and decisions that need to be made as well as changes and notifications of the move that need to occur externally to the website.  You will gain knowledge of what a successful site migration looks like and the confidence to run your own. 

What will I learn?

  • Building a site for SEO
    • The technical aspects of a well optimised website, load speed and crawlability
    • Designing a site structure that encourages search engines and users to discover your content
    • The on-page elements of a website like content, meta tags and schema mark-up that need to be considered
  • Migrating from an old site to a new one
    • How to identify what needs to change or move
    • The steps involved in changing a domain, structure or design of a site including redirects and DNS changes
  • Pre-live checklist
    • A comprehensive list of the steps to undergo before making the move
    • Details of the importance of each step and how to ensure it is completed well
  • Post-launch checklist
    • A thorough list of the actions that need to be carried out once the site migration as occurred
    • Explanations of each step and how to identify its success
  • Measuring and monitoring the transition
    • The KPIs to monitor and what they tell you about the status of the migration
    • How long you can expect to wait before your new site is fully indexed by the search engines
    • What tools to use and how to tell when the migration is complete
  • Detecting and fixing issues
    • How to identify when the site migration has gone wrong
    • Isolating and fixing the issue


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