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Content writing for the web

One of the primary ways a search engine judges how relevant a webpage is in response to a user’s query is through the written content on that page.  Armed with this knowledge, many people try to write content to a particular formula that they believe satisfies all of the search engines’ tick boxes.  If they hit all of these crucial points they will be able to outrank all of their competitors and reach the top of the search results for the terms that they want visitors to arrive on their site through.  The problem lies in the checkboxes.  It is no longer the case that littering your content with your target keywords is enough to cause a search engine to deem you relevant to a user’s search query.  Your content needs to be engaging, authoritative and unique.  So, forget the search engines and concentrate on writing copy that meets the needs and desires of your users.  Except by doing this you may miss out on crucial signals the search engines do use to understand your content.  Writing effectively for the web means holding these two parties in tension. 

This course explains the nuances of writing for the web, including balancing the needs of users and optimising content for search engine rankings.   It takes you through analysing user intent, writing to convert, and appropriately structuring your content for search engines to understand it.  Designed to equip you with tools needed to create engaging, rank-able copy for your site this course is through and practical. 



Who is this course for?

This course is a must for content writers, journalists, marketing executives and anyone with the responsibility for driving visitors to a website. As with all of the courses offered by Reflect Digital we will fully tailor the course to ensure you get as much from it as possible. This makes it relevant and accessible to anyone who will ever commit key strokes to informing, engaging and converting visitors on their website.

How will it help me?

This training course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to write effectively for the web, by the end of it you will have:

  • A thorough grasp of the content requirements of search engines
  • Knowledge of how to identify and incorporate relevant keyword topics in your content
  • How to write persuasive, authoritative and engaging content for readers

At the end of the Content Writing for the Web course participants are given a wealth of tools and guidance to enable them to write and measure the effectiveness of content on their website. Through this course you will understand how to research topics of interest to your audience and write them in a way that is well optimised for search engines.

What will I learn?

  • Writing for your audience
    • How to identify your primary and secondary audiences
    • Establishing the needs and intent of each user type
    • How to engage your different audiences within the same website
  • Writing with keyword topics in mind
    • Conducting keyword analysis to identify topics with a high search interest
    • Using this information to inform your content writing
    • How to optimise the structure of your content piece for your chosen keyword topic
  • Writing for conversion
    • Identifying the desired outcomes from driving traffic to your website
    • Understanding the goal of each piece of content
    • Writing your content to encourage readers to complete your desired goals
  • Workshop - If you would like to take a more thorough look at the content already on your website and how you can improve it, or if you would like fresh ideas for generating copy for your site we offer an additional half day workshop with our expert trainers. 


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