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Sarah Turner

About Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm an Account Manager here at Reflect Digital. I've always been passionate about marketing and have worked in a variety of roles, from marketing management to events, customer experience and PR. I love scoping and delivering projects, and find number crunching really rewarding; it helps to identify success and stay on track. I'm a firm believer that providing an individual and outstanding customer experience every time helps to differentiate a business from its competition and builds strong relationships with clients.

I was drawn to work at Reflect because of the diversity of my role, as well as the business values. I'm lucky that no two days are the same for me - one day I could be meeting with a long-term client to evaluate their new website's statistics and objectives, and the next I could be creating a proposal for a new client's strategic project. Working in a team where you know everyone has the same values is a big motivator for me, it helps to know we're all working towards the same goals.

Sarah's Likes & Dislikes

In terms of what I love... my family has to come first - my husband and our two children, plus our very lively labrador puppy.  A close second is baking healthy brownies, cakes and cookies.  I tinker with recipes and enjoy creating my own, although they don't always work out well; cauliflower ice cream was a memorable low.  I also love exercising, especially weight training, and my home has more kettlebells than people in it!

My dislikes... grammatical errors - the wrong use of your or you're makes me flinch!  I also hate onions as I'm allergic to them, and rudeness - there's just no need for it!


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