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Abigail Stephenson

About Abigail

I’m Abigail, the Marketing Manager for Reflect Digital.

Having spent the last few years working as a Production and Content lead for a company making Travel Guide Marketing content, I’ve filmed, presented and produced shoots in countries such as Japan, Mexico, and Canada. 

My career has taken me to some of the most beautiful places, while challenging me in ways I never expected - communicating without a common language has become a skill!
Before the world of long flights, and even longer days, I started my career as a Production assistant. I worked my way through the ranks to the position of Production Co-ordinator, producing shoots for partners such as: The Hilton, Merlin and Heathrow Airport. During this time, my love for digital marketing grew with wanting to understand our customer behaviour for our own content, and this led to gaining YouTube certifications in Content and Audience growth.

My passion for the world of digital has been a lifelong affair. From the teenage dial-up-days learning the importance of personal branding (thanks to Myspace and profile coding), to exploring film and editing amid the YouTube Vlogging bubble, to the now: getting underneath the skin of customer loyalty and user behaviours in an exploding online world, where brands have to be savvy to be seen.

Abigail's Likes & Dislikes


I adore music. Whether it’s with headphones in, the radio on, at gigs, or festivals, or even making my own Podcast interviewing musicians… Music really is my soundtrack to life.

I’m a caffeine lover. Instant isn’t my thing, and I’d rather not bother unless it’s ‘proper coffee’... Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed coffee-snob. 

Travel is in my blood, and in the last year alone I’ve ticked off nine new countries to my very long list. From the experiences you gain from new cultures, to seeing things you never knew could exist… oh, and the foooood! It’s just blooming awesome. 


Spiders. I don’t even want to give them more written space than this.

Polystyrene. The noise, the feel… It just freaks me out.

Time-wasting. It’s my biggest annoyance, from traffic-jams to being late… We only get one life and I don’t want to waste a moment of it!

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