Aishwarya Ramesh - Marketing Executive at Reflect Digital Contact

Aishwarya Ramesh

About Aishwarya

Hiya, you can call me Ash if that is easier. I have joined the Digital Marketing team here at Reflect Digital! I have completed a 4-year ‘Business and Management with a year in industry’ degree at University of Kent with ‘Masters in Business Analytics’ on the agenda in September 2017.

I am a digital marketing enthusiast who has previously worked in project management with email marketing, landing pages, dynamic related data and CMS. Additionally, I aspire to advance on these current skills and learn about all the components of Digital Marketing that Reflect Digital has to offer.

Aishwarya's Likes & Dislikes


Having travelled to about 13 countries, I love trying out new cuisines and learning about different cultures. I also have a great passion for music as I grew up trained in opera singing. Consequently, I find myself singing, playing piano and writing songs in my spare time. Brought up in Cyprus for most of my childhood, I love snorkeling and swimming in the sea and anything that has to do with water!


However, I dislike the taste of coffee, energy drinks and mustard (except Dijon mustard) with a passion.

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