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Helen Pollitt

About Helen

Hi, I'm Helen, I'm Head of SEO here at Reflect Digital.  My passion for technical SEO grew from seeing the difference a well constructed website can make to a client's overall marketing strategy. It makes me weep when well crafted content and beautiful imagery is laid over a technically poor website riddled with bloated code and server errors. In my opinion, the fundamentals of any good SEO strategy should be making sure the website is as finely tuned as possible.

When I'm not optimising websites I spend most of my time helping out in my local community, watching sci fi, and coming up with dubious ideas for the next dessert sensation.

Helen's Likes & Dislikes

My likes are simple; cheesecake, because it suits every mood and occasion, any film with aliens/zombies/time-travel in, and seeing cats fall over, they're supposed to be elegant!

I strongly dislike oranges and all the pretentious variations of them, clementines, mandarins... I'm looking at you! I just don't understand them, they take half an hour to unpeel, attack you with juice to the eye and when you've finally managed it, you're just greeted with pith.

Other dislikes include stickers (they freak me out) and costume dramas because, well... I have a life to live. 

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