OSC Sales Case Study | Digital Transformation; Cross Platform & Device

Digital Transformation; Cross Platform & Device

OSC Sales became a client of Reflect Digital’s with an overarching strategy to review all marketing and to build a new, responsive website. OSC Sales incorporate a number of brands including Carpenters Mate, Orbix, Camo and FastenMaster all targeted at distributors and end-users within different carpentry and electrical sectors.

The Brief

The old OSC Sales website was out dated and not mobile responsive so we needed to transform their digital offering to demonstrate OSC as the market leading business they are.

We looked for opportunities to enhance their digital strategy through functionality. This included starting to sell their products online - which is mainly there to service users that do not have a local distributor, and to service the distributors better through a portal.  

The design needed to be clean and simple, the typical end-user of OSC Sales works in the building trade - so is not spending all day at a computer and wants things to be easy and quick to do. For this same reason the mobile experience was key as there is a likelihood of browsing and orders being made whilst on location.

Based on the client’s previous experience with other CMS’s, it was important that we recommended the best solution for all the functionality requirements but also for the team to be able to manage the website. It was agreed the website would be built on Scoop, our own CMS, which is built with ease of use in mind.  

The complexity of the project grew cross platform. Carpenter’s Mate had an old website that using complicated calculations would calculate the number of screws required for them to offer a lifetime guarantee for the structure. This became a project to rebuild both as a website and as an App. We needed to port their aging ASP.NET site to a fresh Laravel 5 PHP application. The app needed to integrate with the website and offer users a complete service.

Our Solution

The give OSC a stronger brand identity we designed a new logo and then needed to use the branding already in place for the four brands. This meant the design team had to adhere to varying brand guidelines across the website.  

Behind the scenes we have designed and built a portal for OSC Sales distributors to use. The design of this is simple, to ensure with little training the staff within the distributors will be able to use it. This is something completely new to OSC Sales previous to implementing this most customers were still ordering using fax.

From a UX perspective the website has a clear user journey, there are easy to find CTA’s throughout, a sticky navigation to make navigating as simple as possible and it is fully responsive to ensure ease of use cross device.  

The website design makes use of emerging website design trends by being full width, it includes parallax scrolling images which adds a real sense of depth to the website. The banners throughout the site include animation where the wording slides onto the screen - drawing the user's attention.

OSC have three main areas of focus, which are; enquiry forms, the product search, and the checkout process. Because there is a lot of complexity in the searching and filtering, as well as a number of brand/product specific forms across the site, we have implemented a number of automated acceptance tests. These tests are run every time a major piece of work is completed, as well as on a nightly schedule. They test all of the three areas above in great detail to ensure the most important aspects of the site remain functional, or at the very least - we are notified as soon as a problem is detected. 


Something at the forefront during build was speed. We wanted to ensure a fast website that would ensure the busy tradesmen using the site would be able to order what they needed, when needed and on the move if required. Caching has been used throughout the site, as well as ensuring little reliance on third party plugins. We have also worked on a number of server optimisations to further enhance the performance of the site. The website scores 94/100 from Google Page Speed Insights, A Grade Performance from GTMetrix and loads in under 2 seconds.

As with all Reflect Digital projects, security was considered a high priority from the outset which is why Scoop CMS was the natural choice. With pre-launch and regular penetration testing, we are able to offer OSC confidence that the platform and their data is secure. For added customer confidence, the site is running an extended validation SSL certificate which shows the company name in the address bar. The site scores a ‘A’ rating on SSL tests.

In addition to completing the website and portal, the app for Carpenters Mate is now available in Apple’s App store and the Google Play store. The app works in conjunction with the Carpenters Mate website allowing users to calculate how many screws are required to offer a lifetime guarantee for structures such as roofs.

Core to everything we do at Reflect Digital is ensuring we have the right tracking in place to ensure each and every website is always improving and delivering on the intended goals. With a clear account management and marketing strategy the OSC website will continue to go from strength to strength with the correct platform and foundations in place.


  • Speed

    94/100 Google Page Speed Insights

  • Shop

    Ecommerce Functionality

  • Portal

    Bespoke System

  • App

    Android and iOS

  • Scoop

    Content Management System

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