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Distilling the Perfect Website – Copper Rivet Distillery

Copper Rivet Distillery came to Reflect Digital in June 2016 as a brand new business opening a state of the art distillery in Chatham, Kent. Our design team were wowed on first visit to the distillery, excited by the creative ideas the building itself evoked! It was still a building site at this point but the vision was clear and the pump house that would house the distillery was such a stunning building.

The Copper Rivet Distillery website has been nominated for Consumer Website of the Year 2017 at the Wirehive 100 awards.

The Brief

To design and build a website that matched the state of the art distillery Copper Rivet were building!

The job of the website was to sell the brand to the user to make them want to book a tour or to buy the spirits on offer. It therefore meant we needed to bring the emotions we felt when standing in the stunning building through to the website.

The first challenge we would need to overcome was the legal ‘age verification’ that is necessary on the website, it was important that this was simple to complete and did not drive any users to bounce. The homepage needed to immediately welcome the user into the world of Copper Rivet. The brand identity needed to be an important factor within the design stages, ensuring it was strong throughout the site, be it the branding of the specific drink, or Copper Rivet Distillery itself.

Our Solution

We decided to build the Copper Rivet website on our CMS platform Scoop, this matched the client’s brief in that it would make the website simple to use.

We know the brand was important throughout the website and that it was key to get the initial welcome after the age verification right to keep users on the site – we opted for an immersive responsive video to immediately engage users. Imagery is key throughout the website ensuring the user gets the same feeling our design team had when visiting the distillery. We used illustrations subtly on the product pages to represent the drink branding whilst upholding the Copper Rivet branding.

To stay on top of the latest UX trends, the website uses a sticky navigation, full width and grid design throughout the website. Not only that, but the colour style treatment specially used on jump points throughout the site is another trend of 2017 that is used all throughout the site. Tiny design details such as animating lines on the buttons and roundels is another design trend we are seeing more and more of.

Throughout the website for desktop users there are hover events using CSS SVG animation to offer a sense of style and more engagement as the user takes their journey through the website. It was important not to lose this on the responsive versions as so often mobile is stripped back so much that it loses part of the engagement desktop offers. Subtle movements of the background and banners and the same hover effects, but on click, are available throughout.

Everything the user needs to know, about the Distillery, their products and all it offers, is held within the site. There is no need to navigate away and information is clear and descriptive throughout.

The Build

As a new business with new products, it was vital that the site had simple to use navigation that would easily show the sales avenues they had to offer, with clear call to actions to ensure a smooth user journey. All products have a content managed category system, which allows Copper Rivet to assign products to specific listings, meaning they can split their merchandise from their spirits, giving the user a more seamless purchasing experience. An integration with bookingbug was required for the booking of tours, however not all tours were to be managed in this way. Therefore we built this in a way in which Copper Rivet can decide whether the tour links to booking bug or whether it displays a standard contact form.

Another challenge we had to overcome was that of international users, whilst Copper Rivet did not want to take payments from international users online, due to the different rules around tax for alcohol, we knew the market would be there and so needed to be addressed so that their experience was just as seamless as someone buying in the UK. Therefore, they are able to order in exactly the same way, except, when a non UK postcode is entered in the checkout, instead of being taken to the payment gateway, they will be taken to a very explanatory page detailing what the next steps are for purchase.

Speed was key to the build. We wanted to ensure a fast website to encourage visitors to explore the site and invest more into the company. From a content point of view, images and assets are optimised and compressed in order to create as small a footprint as possible. Caching has been used throughout the site, as well as ensuring a minimal reliance on third party plugins. To offer a fast and reliable service we cache assets and database queries. This optimisation means that site visitors receive a speedy interaction, the side benefit is that server load is also reduced and therefore our infrastructure costs. A number of other server optimisations have been made to further enhance the performance of the site.

The site has a number of automated acceptance tests which test standard functionality such as submitting forms and proceeding through the checkout process. These test run after each milestone is finished, and on a nightly schedule to ensure that the core site functionality always works as expected.

On top of a need for speed, there is also a need for security. The site runs under SSL giving customers the confidence that their purchase is secure. This coupled with the well known payment gateway SagePay reinforces customer confidence. The site is PCI compliant and achieves an A rating on SSL tests.

The Content

The Copper Rivet Distillery website being a brand new business was a complete blank start from a content perspective. The brand imagery really inspires the user bringing to life the experience of visiting the distillery. Through the website content we have aimed to convey the clear story from grain to glass in Kent. The tasting notes on each product are clearly written to help the user to understand the flavour to expect if purchasing before tasting and the what’s inside clearly explains what makes up the spirit.

The history of Copper Rivet is extremely important to the brand so a lot of time was spent designing and writing the history section of the website. The content here clearly conveys the story bringing the user up to date on the opening of the distillery.

The brand has a clear and consistent tone of voice throughout the website which is clearly conveyed through the content. At present Copper Rivet have not launched their blog, which is on the sidelines ready to go, being a new business there is always a balance between time and activities. Currently Copper Rivet invest time in updating messages through social media which is easily linked to from the top navigation across the website.

The emotion around Copper Rivet’s products really comes through the images and ultimately the distillery building and the tasting when someone arrives on site for a tour - the website does everything in it’s power to convey this and to push users to book a tour. The video is an important content asset as this helps to bring this all to life.


  • Speed

    Performance Grade A – GTMetrics

  • Conversions

    2.8% Conversion rate booking tours

  • Secure

    Sagepay Integration

  • Intuitive

    Easy Front & Back-end Design

  • Efficient

    Brief to Live website in 14 weeks

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