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Content development & technical optimisation resulted in 92% more traffic

Flexflooring are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Epoxy and Polyurethane flooring. Their target audience is to serve both the B2B and B2C sectors, from homeowners looking for large resin driveways to Audi car showrooms and playgrounds at ‘Peppa Pig World.’ Flexflooring have a versatile set of products that are specified by architects and contractors as well as used for one of domestic projects.

Flexflooring had invested in SEO before engaging with Reflect Digital but had not seen a significant increase in traffic and enquiries.

The Brief

Flexflooring did have some SEO visibility but there was still a lot of untapped potential to increase their visibility further and generate more business from search engines.

We were tasked with taking over the SEO and development of their WordPress website to identify opportunities to generate more visibility and in turn, a higher number of leads and sales.

Primary goals were:

  • Grow site traffic by researching, writing and publishing landing pages for each area / space that they install flooring for to rank well in search engines.
  • Make sure the site content had a clear user journey in which the user can find the correct product and make an enquiry with minimum friction.
  • Position Flexflooring as an authority within their industry by providing informative content around their subject area.
  • Increase the number of new enquiries generated through the website.

Our Solution

Flexflooring have a set of products that can be used in several environments - both commercial and domestic. As a flooring installer, Flexflooring have 2 audiences:

  1. Domestic (B2C)- Supplying primarily resin driveways, swimming pool surrounds and flooring for the home.
  2. Commercial (B2B)- Supplying architects, contractors, schools, leisure centres, retail outfits warehouses etc.

Our challenge was to ensure that regardless of whether the customer was B2B or B2C, they can quickly find the content that speaks to their individual needs. From this, they can navigate to the products they need and easily make an enquiry. 

Our implementation 

We carried out in-depth keyword research to identify both short tail and long tail content. We needed to recognise the phrases their customers were searching for, e.g. ‘resin bound driveways’ and ‘industrial epoxy flooring.’ With regards to the long tail keywords, we noticed that many were searching for ‘resin driveway cost,’ showing that there was a need for informative content around their product offering to answer these questions.

It was difficult for users to navigate to the pages they needed to with the existing navigation. We designed and developed a new website navigation for users to quickly find content they need regardless of where they are on the website. This also enabled us to create new landing pages with optimised content for each ‘area and space’ that Flexflooring installed.

The new navigation structure also enabled us to create new landing pages with optimised content for each ‘area and space’ that Flexflooring installed. We created content that highlights why the users should employ Flexflooring and directs the users to the correct product.

We created informative content to rank for long tail phrases around their subject matter for example ‘how much does a resin driveway cost.’  

We created stronger calls to action by adding ‘sticky’ enquiry forms to the website so that users can get in contact regardless of the page they’re on. We also made the contact us button stand out and the phone number larger on the header.

We made sure the site performed well from a technical perspective by optimising site speed for faster page loading.


For any forms of marketing, tracking is vital to understanding performance and continually improving campaigns. No enquiry or engagment tracking existed on the website at the start of the campaign so this was immediately implemented so that we can understand where enquiries are coming from and how users are engaging with the website. This has allowed us to carry out conversion rate optimisation work for greater enquiry levels.


Through the landing page content optimisation and new navigation strategy, traffic from search engines almost doubled year on year with a 92% increase after just 9 months. 

We have achieved consecutive record months of SEO traffic as the site consistently outperforms the previous year.

We changed the content on the 'resin drive cost' page and have achieved a position zero featured answer result. Along with the implementation of Schema structured HTML markup for customer reviews, this has resulted in a 21% increase in CTR and further growth in organic traffic. 

Over the course of the year, Flexflooring has recorded a larger percentage of leads from ‘new business’ (generated from the website) and has experienced less reliance on existing business. 


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